Oval Electric Aroma Burner-Black Ceramic (With Dimmer Light) BN-ELW-51


        High Quality Electric Ceramic Aroma Burner. 2 piece, easy to  wash.
 Adjustable light with dimmer switch.
 Base 14 x 16.5 cm. 19 cm. tall, black color with modern Thai design. The bowl can contain up to 140 ml.
         Good for Natural Essential oil diffusing or as a decorative light in any room like spa /office or living room.
 40 watt Light bulb included.. also available in Cream glaze siladon


Add 80 to 100 ml water to the top of the Burner and add 10-12 drops of the Natural Essential oils you prefer

Caution :
1 Do not leave unattended with essential oil warming.
2 Burner gets hot when it is in use. 
3 Always Place the Aroma Burner on Heat Resistant Surface. 
4 Always allow to cool before handling. 
5 Always keep away from children or pets. 
6 Handle with care 
7 Clean bowl occasionally to prevent oil residue build up. 
Safety: Aroma Burners are intended only to warm and evaporate oils slowly, not to allow oils to burn. If there is any smoke, turn the burner off and allow it to cool. Do not warm essential oils without water in the bowl and only warm 100% Natural Essential oils. Do not use with artificial or synthetic fragrances. Do not exceed maximum watt light bulb.



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