Sport Massage oil Blend: For Faster Recovery after Exercise -100% Natural

  • 120 ml - 295 บาท
  • 500 ml - 895 บาท 
  • 1000 ml - 1385 บาท
Sport Massage oil  :  For faster recovery after exercise.
For faster recovery after exercise. Combine with deep tissue massage to reduce the soreness that typically follows overwork. Its formulated to assist in the preparation and recovery of the muscles before and after exercise.  It is a great way for helping to massage away muscular aches and pains while relaxing tense muscles and will leave the body refreshed after exercise.
The base oils selected from Pure Vegetable extract which is highly nourishing and easily absorbed by the skin. A deeply nourishing formula for healthy looking skin. 
Not necessary to shower after massage as the skin finally absorbs the massage oil. No greasy feeling on the skin once applied and no overpowering scent.
Ingredients : Rosemary, Kaffir Lime, Pine, Peppermint, Wintergreen with Sweet Almond, Grape Seed, Sesame and Jojoba oils, Vit E

Red FDA # 10-1-5709040

Directions :
·         Pour small amount into your palms and rub it together, gentle massage over your body.
·         If you have sensitive skin, try small amount with your most sensitive skin area before using.
Cautions  :
·         For external use only / Avoid contact with eyes
·         Check with physician before using while pregnant or on young children
·         Keep out of reach of children or pet
Storage  :
·         Keep in room temperature away from the direct sun light.
·         Finish the product within a year after open it.
Suitable for personal home use and professional spa.  100% Natural
NO synthetic petroleum oil.
No chemical fragrance.
NO preservatives. 


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