Coconut Oil Extra Virgin - Organic, Thailand


120 ml price     199 Thai Baht
240 ml price     329 Thai Baht
500 ml price     689 Thai Baht
1000 ml price   1189 Thai Baht
          Coconut oil is made up of mainly saturated fatty acids however, it does not promote weight gain. Coconut oil increases metabolism to burn off calories. It will raise cholesterol however it may improve overall cholesterol profile if a person has high HDL (bad cholesterol) and low LDL (good cholesterol).
          Coconut oil is a natural, very mild sunscreen. It is estimated to be approximately SPF 4 and the small amounts worn on the skin do not harm delicate ecosystems such as underwater reefs.


Coconut Oil Extra Virgin - Organic, Thailand

Botanical Name:  Cocos nucifera

Origin:                  Thailand
Method of Extraction: Cold press & Centrifugal Separation
Parts used:           Nut
Color:          Clear, Colorless above 26 ͦC
Absorption:          Slow
Aromatic Description: Characteristic Coconut Aroma
Aroma Strength:  Medium
Skin type:             All Skin Types
Fatty acids (appx.):
Lauric acid              48%
Myristic acid            16%
Palmitic acid            9%
Capric acid              8%
Caprylic acid            7%
Oleic acid                6%
Caproic acid            3%
Stearic acid             1%

          Coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties. Medium chained triglycerides (MCTs) are considered to be great in treating various kinds of infections be it bacterial, viral or fungal. Coconut oil key constituents lauric acid and capric acid – both are known to show anti-microbial effect when broken down. So when coconut oil is applied on skin it helps skin get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which breed on it. Thus saving body from infectious diseases.
          Coconut oil for massage might be more recent for the western world but it has been used in tropical regions for perhaps thousands of years. This no surprise because these people understood benefits of the miracle fruit a long ago and thus have included it in their life in various ways. Benefits which began as folklore are being scientifically proven now. Coconut oil makes a wonderful massage oil because it is absorbed easily and oil leaves no stains on fabric. Coconut oil can soothes and relaxes tight muscles in your body.
Produced by centrifuge extraction controlled at all stages to remain between 30-35 ͦC
Manufactured under FDA, GMP, HACCP standards
No Solvents
No Bleaching
No Additives
No Artificial ingredients
No Preservatives
Shelf life minimum 2 years
(Shelf life may exceed two years if unopened because of packing in low humidity environment)

Caution: Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) however, Aroma & More always recommends testing on a small area of skin to check for reaction before using on larger areas.


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