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Forest Escape Room & Linen Spray: Comforting &...

  • 15ml 159b
  • 50ml 289b
  • 100ml 489b

Forest Escape:  Aromatherapy sprays to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

use it on a daily basis to eliminate odors and leave a refreshing, calming vibe to your home.
The mood of green forest and full of lifely. The  shades of forest scents such as fir and cedarwood have a soothing, stress-relieving effect. Boost your mood with a woody like Palo santo, Copaiba  will take you back to nature.

Mosquito & Insect Repellent Spray-With...


30 ml ราคา 119 บาท
70 ml ราคา 169 บาท
120 ml ราคา 249 บาท

Made from a blend of organic active ingredients containing  Eucalyptus, Lavender,Citronella and philippine violet which are effective to repel mosquitoes and also beneficial against Gnats,ants,ticks and lice. Also can refresh the air and suitable for any room even kids room or in pet area. 
100 % Natural

QUIET Pillow Mist: A unique and dreamy blend...


Restful  & Calming 
This unwinding formula is a soothing blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, Sweet Mandarin and Vetiver that creates a romantic aroma that smells clean and clear. Quiet is The idea behind sleep mists is to encourage your mind and body to switch off and relax with the help of powerful blends of essential oils. It’s a perfect goodnight partner.