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Eucalyptus “Certified Organic” Essential Oil,...

  • 10 ml     219 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     519 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,489 Thai Baht

        Eucalyptus oil is recognized in British Pharmacopeia. It is commonly added to sore muscle ointments, to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It is used as a decongestant and as an antiseptic in steam baths and in saunas to kill germs and open breathing passages.  Eucalyptus is awakening, has an antiviral effect and immune system boosting characteristics.

Lavender H.A. "Certified Organic" Essential...

  •  5 ml        289 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml       499  Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     1,289 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   3,989 Thai Baht

Lavender High Altitude 100% Pure Essential oil

          It's no secret that Aroma & More are big fans of Bulgarian essential oils. That is why we were excited to find this High Altitude “Certified Organic” Lavender oil produced in Bulgaria. It has a very rich Aroma that amazes the senses.

          High Altitude Lavenders are the most therapeutic form of Lavender. It is true Lavender, grown at high altitude which produces the most therapeutic quality oil. Growing at high altitude produces more trace ingredients & a more complex oil while reducing the less desired constituents.

Lemongrass “Certified Organic” Essential Oil,...

  • 10 ml     229 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     499 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,259 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          Emotionally, Lemongrass is mentally, spiritually uplifting and energizing aiding concentration to focus on the task at hand. Lemongrass is said to be the oil of energetic cleansing. Its citral elements helps boost calm and clarity and has a balancing effect on body energy which may be helpful to manage the difficulties of jet lag.
          Lemongrass essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal qualities as well as being a powerful insect repellent with a pleasant fresh lemony aroma.
          It is among the most potent of all essential oils as a purifier and cleanser. In low concentrations it is an ideal component of massage and body oils. Lemongrass oil helps improve skin tone and suppleness.

Orange “Certified Organic” Essential Oil, South...

  • 10 ml     219 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     489 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,259 Thai Baht

*Australian Certified Organic

  • While most orange essential oils are pleasant, this oil truly captures the essence of orange. Essential oil made from Orange peel has a very fresh, sweet orange scent. It is uplifting and relaxing and commonly added to blends to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia.

    It is a byproduct of orange juice production so it is one of the largest produced and one of the least expensive essential oils in the world. Orange Sweet has one of the lowest levels of furocoumarins compared to other citrus oils. It is considered very low level phototoxic so it can be used in skin and facial formulations.

Peppermint “Certified Organic” Essential oil,...

  • 10 ml    289 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    659 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  1,619 Thai Baht

          Certified Organic Peppermint is offered for customers who choose only Certified Organic materials. It has good aroma and menthol content with the classic benefits of peppermint essential oil grown in a Certified Organic environment.

          Peppermint is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. It has a very potent minty aroma, even more powerful than spearmint. In aroma therapy it is commonly used as a pain reliever for minor burns such as sunburn or insect bites. It also is a common ingredient in products used to treat muscle aches to reduce pain and improve blood flow to the affected area. It is stimulating, energizing and improves stamina. It can be diluted and applied as a rub on muscles before a busy day.

          Organic Certified Peppermint has a medium sweetness and good menthol content.

Rosemary “Certified Organic” Essential oil, Spain

  • 10 ml     269 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     609 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,519 Thai Baht
  • *Australian Certified Organic

  •           Rosemary has one of the longest histories in traditional medicine Traces of Rosemary can be found as far back as the tombs of the first dynasty Egyptians. It blends well with many other essential oils and this essential oil has a pleasantly sharp fresh aroma.

  •           Rosemary is grown all over the world but is native to the Mediterranean region. Most of the commercial production today comes from 3 main sources France, Spain and Tunisia. The same species of plant will produce very different qualities of oil when grown in different environments normally separated to 3 categories but there can be more. Typically, France produces verbenone type, Spain produces camphor (or alpha pinene) type and Tunisia produces Cineole type.

Tea Tree Essential Oil- Certified Organic ,...

  •  5 ml      199    Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     339    Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     779    Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,979 Thai Baht

          Tea Tree Essential oil is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy and traditional medicine today. It is produced from the leaves of a small tree that originally grew in low lying wetlands on Australia's east coast. The leaves had been used for unknown ages by the Australian aborigines to treat injury, illness and infection.

          Tea Tree oil has a reputation for being powerful against a broad range of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Aboriginals used to crush the leaves in their hand and inhale the oil to treat colds and headaches. 

Wintergreen “Certified Organic” Essential oil,...

  •  5 ml     169   Thai Baht
  • 10 ml    239   Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    529   Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  1,319 Thai Baht
  • Wintergreen Organic is red in appearance and one of the heaviest essential oils there is. While most oils float on the surface of water wintergreen organic sinks very rapidly. It is very powerful in small amounts so take care with this highly concentrated oil. 

  • Vaporized or diffused into the air the aroma tickles the senses, is invigorating, eases breathing and tension. Wintergreen is often used to ease respiratory issues such as coughing, bronchitis and asthma. It is a powerful oil which need to be diluted well but its usefulness in small amounts make this oil a great value.