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Aroma & More has had a passion for natural solutions. Over the years we examined many natural solutions and we were interested in sharing some of the items we had experience with to the public. We decided to use the knowledge and import channels we had accumulated to start our own business and Aroma & More was born in 2009.

Today, we represent over 300 products and are happy to share our experience and knowledge. One of the services we provide is training in blending essential oils to suit the individuals needs. We also organize service to larger groups off-site for activities and fun for participants making their own unique scent for natural creams, massage oils, shower gels and home products such as room spray, candles, room diffuser etc…

The store offers opportunities to sample ingredients before you buy and compare scents together to test different recipes for customers who are interested to try and have fun making their own products. It also gives us the opportunity to create original gifts for events or select an item from Aroma & More.

The shop is open every day except Sundays and public holidays. For more information, call or text during normal business hours to our

call center: 081-1477945 Line@: @aromaandmore