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All Citrus Essential Oil Blend- Fresh, citrusy...

  • 5 ml      189 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     259 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     629 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,569 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

 “All Citrus” is a simple, fresh, citrusy blend.

Citrus oils are generally appreciated for their uplifting and cleansing qualities. They have a fresh scent & good deodorizing ability. They have a good reputation for detoxifying the liver and lymphatic system that may be beneficial to deal with cellulite.

Citrus oils are well liked by most people. They are commonly used for scenting soaps, creams, perfumes, and detergents. In therapeutic products, they are popular additions to formulations for circulatory, respiratory, detoxifying, stress related issues & focus, insect repellents, some skin products and more.

ALL Roses Essential oil Blend- Floral...

  •  5 ml     589 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml    899 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    2429 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  6799 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

    All Roses is a complex blend of all natural oils, mostly naturally extracted with a small amount of absolutes to resemble Rose essential oil at a much lower cost.

    Selection of ingredients is key to success. All Roses combines 2 types of true rose oils Rosa centifolia & Rosa damascena with Osmanthus absolute along with a fine quality steam distilled Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang & others. It has a very pleasant rosey aroma which we think is useful in places where natural materials are necessary but 100% pure rose is just too expensive.

     All Roses is a relaxing formula. Its main components are Rose Geranium & Rosewood. In this formulation, any hazard risks are considered to be small so it may be possible to use higher concentrations of up to 5% diluted in carrier oil in a massage oil blend and up to 15% diluted in a carrier oil in a bath oil or small area rub.

B-Sweet Dream Essential Oil Blend special blend...

  •  5ml        359  Thai Baht
  • 10 ml      569 Thai Baht
    30 ml     1559 Thai Baht
    100 ml   3,989 Thai Baht

 The special blend of calm & relaxing aromatherapy essential oils. The gentle combination of Chamomile /Lavender and Clary sage with 3 citrus oil Mandarin/Orange and Bergamot. Blend design for child (Suggest 12 months up)

The aromatic qualities of this soothing blends help for relieve stress and battle depression and anxiety restlessness, sadness. Its also good for adult, old people and pregnant women.

Calming Essential Oil Blend to help with...

  • 5 ml       319 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     489 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    1,339 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  3,669 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

     A relaxing blend of some of quality oils at an affordable price. Only specially selected quality oils chosen for this blend.

     One of the most common requests we get is for an essential oil to help with relaxation & sleep. The challenge was to create a pleasant aroma that is affordable and effective. Basic quality lavenders do not have relaxation qualities and common quality bergamot oil has lower therapeutic benefits. But with careful selection, we were able to produce this blend within a budget.

     This is a pleasant citrus/floral blend. It contains 100% natural essential oils extracted by natural methods. It is mild enough to use on young children if diluted to below 3% and you are careful to apply on areas of the body such as the back where it won’t get rubbed in their eyes. This is a good blend to use before bedtime or let diffuse while sleeping.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil, Morocco

  • 10 ml     199 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     429 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,229 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          Cedarwood Atlas is one of the oldest used essential oils. It is believed to be used by the Ancient Egyptians in embalming, perfumes and cosmetics. *Its reputed qualities are antiseptic, astrigent, antiseborrheic, diuretic, expectorant, insecticide and sedative.

          Atlas Cedarwood is reputed to encourage lymphatic system drainage which is very beneficial in the treatment of cellulite. Combined with a hormone balancing essential oil such as Fennel or Geranium it can be part of an effective massage blend if used regularly. 

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Sri Lanka

  • 10 ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     409 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   989 Thai Baht

  •           Emotionally some aromatherapists recommend Cinnamon Leaf to stimulate creativity, for feelings of isolation, loneliness and fear. It is a tonic to the mind and body, reducing drowsiness and bringing a welcome boost to falling energy levels.
              Cinnamon leaf oil has a high amount of eugenol and is similar to clove in aroma. To some people the eugenol aroma of Cinnamon Leaf reminds them of the anesthetic used at the dentist office while the aroma of Cinnamon Bark is more similar to the Cinnamon cooking spice.

Citronella “Java” Essential oil, Indonesia


10 ml     169 Thai Baht
30 ml     359 Thai Baht
100 ml   829 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil
          Citronella essential oil is extracted from a type of grass that grows in South Asia and Indonesia. It is one of the most common oils used in natural flea and mosquito repellents because of its low cost. Citronella Java is suspected to be a more effective repellent against Dengue carrying mosquitos such as Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus than Citronella Ceylon due to its higher citronellal content.
       Citronellal is a leading insect repellent against dengue carrying mosquitos. It is sometimes artificially produced by the name PMD but it is commonly extracted naturally from Citronella Java. Citronella Ceylon does not produce high enough quantities. Both types are still very popular in insect repellents, soaps, cleaners and candle making.

Clear Essential Oil Blend: A very clean and...

  •  5 ml       189 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml      269 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml      699 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,689 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

          A very clean and fresh smell to clear the airways. The perfect combination of 5 essential oils is designed to help clear breathing and soothes lining of the nasal passages.

          Clear blend oils also help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and ease muscle tension that can result from a cold or flu. This wonderful scent will benefit of relaxing and relieving your congestion and sleep good through the night.

Enjoy Essential Oil Blend-Fresh Floral/Citrus...

  •  5  ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     269 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     699 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,689 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

          Enjoy has the fresh floral/citrus scent, similar to a quality air freshener but produced from 100% natural essential oils. It is fresh and uplifting, useful in many places and for many purposes. It works well in soaps, candles, bath oil, sprays, aroma warmers, massage oil, to cover pet odors and many other uses.

          Enjoy has a light deodorizing quality that gives it the ability to absorb bad odors. Aroma & More designed this to keep the cost low so that it could be used frequently and is still a very popular blend with many returning customers.

Eucalyptus globulus “Blue Gum” Essential Oil,...

  • 10 ml     179 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     399 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,119 Thai Baht        

          Eucalyptus oil is recognized in British Pharmacopeia. It is commonly added to sore muscle ointments, to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It is used as a decongestant and as an antiseptic in steam baths and in saunas to kill germs and open breathing passages. Eucalyptus is awakening, has an antiviral effect and immune system boosting characteristics.
          Eucalyptus globulus oil or Eucalyptus Blue Gum is one of the most commonly used essential oils. It is fresh, clean and sharp. It is a common ingredient in colognes, mouth washes, aftershaves, household cleansers and deodorizing agents.

Frankincense serrata (Olibanum) Essential Oil,...

  •  5 ml     289 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml    489 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    1,229 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  3,369 Thai Baht

          Frankincense has a wide range of benefits in aromatherapy. As a gift, Frankincense tears would be given as a wish for long life and good health. It blends easily with many other essential oils and is a wonderful oil for therapy, perfumery or just natural home fragrancing.

          It is often use for anxiety and stress especially when a restless mind prevents quality sleep. It is focusing and deeply meditative for quieting the chatter in a busy mind. Frankincense is still widely used in religious ceremonies today.

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil, France

  •   5 ml   289 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml   499 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml   1,279 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml 3,489 Thai Baht

          Geranium essential oil has a mostly pleasant, sweet, floral fragrance that calms and relaxes the body and mind. It has been used back to the times of the Egyptians for promoting and supporting beautiful healthy skin. It balances sebum production in oily, dry or combination skin and can be used on all skin types.
          Geranium is a detoxifying essential oil. It has a balancing effect on hormones and a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. It is used in many higher end natural anti-cellulite formulas, as well as formulas to treat hormone imbalances such as premenstrual syndrome and menopause and relieve water retention.

Ginger (Fresh) Essential Oil, THAI


5 ml      189 Thai Baht
10 ml    329 Thai Baht
30 ml    829 Thai Baht
100 ml  2,279 Thai Baht
        Ginger has positive effects on the respiratory system. It is an expectorant, eases coughs and congestion and can soothe a sore throat. Ginger essential oil is well suited to help ease colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, as well as poor circulation and arthritic pain.
        Its warming qualities are good to use for feelings of loneliness and winter depression, and its energizing properties make it a consideration as an aphrodisiac in cases where lack on energy is the main cause.

Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil, U.S.A.

  • 10 ml     229 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     589 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,549 Thai Baht

  •           Grapefruit essential oil shares many of the same qualities as other citrus oils. it is uplifting, stimulating and energizing, detoxifying, a good antiseptic and disinfectant, a beneficial treatment for oily skin and acne and as a mild insect repellent.
              Grapefruit White and Grapefruit Pink are the same species and have similar composition but Grapefruit Pink has a Pale Yellow to Yellow Pink color, a softer scent and a little better analgesic (pain relieving) quality. Grapefruit White has a slightly sharper scent and nearly clear color. It is somewhat similar to Lemon in function but the composition of the essential oil from the peel is closer to orange peel essential oil.

Ho Wood Essential Oil, China

  • 10 ml     239 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     579 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,589 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil
     Ho Wood (sometimes spelled HoWood) is high in linalool and a popular inexpensive replacement for Rosewood or Coriander essential oils. It is low in camphor content compared to Camphor White but still has enough for a slight cool feel while maintaining its floral herbal aroma. 
     Emotionally, Ho Wood is peaceful and relaxing. Traditionally it has been used for its mild pain reliving qualities, as a muscle relaxant and its anti-inflammatory qualities.
     For skin. Ho wood benefit for generate new cell growth especially for mature skin, anti-aging skin care. 

JOY Essential Oil Blend-a powerful and lasting...

  •  5 ml       989 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     1,669 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     4259 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   12,899 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

          Joy is a New blend of some of our most precious essential oils. It contains Jasmine, Rose, Champaca White (Magnolia), Ylang Ylang, High Altitude Lavender, Mandarin and special selections of Patchouli and Cinnamon Bark. Joy has a powerful and lasting Floral, Sweet, Spicy scent and most of the blend is naturally extracted by steam distillation, cold pressed or CO2 Extracted.

          Selection of ingredients is key to success. Joy combines a complex collection of rare qualities of essential oils and extracts. It has a very pleasant floral aroma which can be useful in place of more expensive premium oils. It is a wonderful alternative in places where natural materials are necessary but 100% premium oils are just too expensive.


Kaffir Lime Peel Essential Oil, Thailand

  • 10 ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     389 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   899 Thai Baht

              Kaffir Lime Peel essential oil has a low limonene content compared to other citrus oils but maintains its citrus scent with hints of other scents such as pine, wood, spice and citronella. Kaffir Peel has one of the most complex scents of all the citrus oils.
              The fruit is a bumpy green thick skinned citrus fruit called Kaffir Lime in Thailand or Ma-Kruat in Thai language but has many names such as Combava, Swangi, Leech Lime, Colobot or Mauritius papeda. It grows on a thorny bush native to Indonesia and SE Asia.

Lavender H.A. (High Altitude) Essential oil -...

  •  5 ml     269 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml    449 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml    1,129 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml  2,989 Thai Baht

          French Lavender H.A. (High Altitude) is one of the most popular and therapeutic forms of Lavender. Distilling at high altitude allows the producer to reduce temperature which increases the ester content and improves the quality of oil. Some batches from this source have an amazing linalyl acetate content above 50%. It also has a low content of camphor, camphene and 1,8 cineole which are less desirable for skin conditioning and relaxation.
         A good quality lavender has less than 2% of these constituents and this one normally has around 1.4%. It has a mild nature that makes it one of the few essential oils that can be applied to small areas of the skin "neat" (at 100% strength).

Lemon Essential Oil, Italy

  • 10 ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     429 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,119 Thai Baht

  • 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil
              Lemon essential oil is known as an aid for waste removal in the body and stimulant for the lymphatic system. When combined with a hormone balancing essential oil such as Geranium or Fennel it can be a useful treatment for cellulite.
              In skin care is an astringent and antibacterial used to treat oily acne prone skin. Like Lime, it treats oily skin by reducing the amount of sebum the skin produces. It has also been used against viral outbreaks like Herpes, chicken pox, shingles, and a treatment for minor cuts and insect bites. On small areas of infection like warts and herpes sores it can be applied at 100% strength.

Lemongrass Essential Oil, Thailand

  • 10 ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     389 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   989 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          Cymbopogon citratus is the most common species of Lemongrass grown in Thailand and is also known as “West Indian” Lemongrass. West Indian Lemongrass contains myrcene and has a little lower citral content than East Indian Lemongrass Cymbopogon flexuosus which is normally produced in Eastern India.
          Lemongrass essential oils’ wide range of uses and ability to blend with many other essential oils make Lemongrass a top choice among aromatherapists.
          Emotionally, it is mentally, spiritually uplifting and energizing aiding concentration to focus on the task at hand. Lemongrass is said to be the oil of energetic cleansing. Its citral elements helps boost calm and clarity and has a balancing effect on body energy which may be helpful to manage the difficulties of jet lag.

Lesser Galangal Essential Oil, THAI


 5ml      189 Thai Baht
10ml     329 Thai Baht
30ml     819 Thai Baht
100ml  1,929Thai Baht

       Lesser Galangal or Fingerroot (Chinese ginger, Chinese key)
       This essential oil is known for its warm, camphorous aroma, fresh and slightly floral notes. Finger Root can be used to help support a healthy digestive system and offer relief from occasional digestive upset.
       Its calming properties and useful to help promote a positive atmosphere that cool down angry feelings.

My Thieves Essential Oil Blend-supports healthy...

  • 5 ml       239 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     369 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     949 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   2,499 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          My Thieves is based on one of the oldest and most interesting protective blends. The Legend has it that in the 15th century, when a terrible plague spread like wildfire across Europe claiming millions of lives, four thieves from Marseilles were busy robbing dead families of all their possessions.

          The thieves combined their knowledge of anti-infective herbs, spices and other ingredients to protect themselves while entering a contaminated environment. The actual formula has been lost but believed to include vinegar, garlic, cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. The Thieves themselves did not contract any infection as they had applied the powerful ingredients on their bodies.

Orange “Certified Organic” Essential Oil, South...

  • 10 ml     219 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     489 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,259 Thai Baht

*Australian Certified Organic

  • While most orange essential oils are pleasant, this oil truly captures the essence of orange. Essential oil made from Orange peel has a very fresh, sweet orange scent. It is uplifting and relaxing and commonly added to blends to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia.

    It is a byproduct of orange juice production so it is one of the largest produced and one of the least expensive essential oils in the world. Orange Sweet has one of the lowest levels of furocoumarins compared to other citrus oils. It is considered very low level phototoxic so it can be used in skin and facial formulations.

Relax Essential Oil Blend 100% pure-Combines...

  • 5 ml      199 Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     299 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     789 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   2,119 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural

  •           Relax blend combines the relaxation qualities of Lavender with the positive/uplifting effects of Bergamot & Orange and a touch of the energizing power of Eucalyptus.
  •           This blend is not similar to coffee in effect but combines the relaxation qualities of Lavender with the positive/uplifting effects of Bergamot & Orange and a touch of the energizing power of Eucalyptus. It has a pleasant floral citrus scent with just a touch sharpness to help launch it into the air.
  •           It can be used just for its aroma to freshen the local environment without making a person too sleepy, tense or nervous.

Rosemary Essential oil, France

  • 10 ml     239 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     589 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,499 Thai Baht

          Rosemary has good antimicrobial properties for cleansing and disinfecting. Rosemary has one of the longest histories in traditional medicine. Traces of Rosemary can be found as far back as the tombs of the first dynasty Egyptians.  It blends well with many other essential oils and France produces one of the freshest most therapeutic balances of Rosemary essential oil.

Tea Tree “Select” Essential Oil, Australia

  • 10 ml     219    Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     529    Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,229 Thai Baht

          It is one of the best oils for fighting fungal infections such as athlete's foot and nail fungus and thrush. On the skin and hair, Tea Tree regulates oil production, fights acne, and even repels some insects such as lice. Its antiviral activity is used against warts and herpes sores.

          In order to be classified as a “Select” essential oil an oil must be all natural and a truly exceptional quality that is difficult to duplicate. Terpinen-4-ol is the component of Tea tree oil that is credited for most of its anti-infective benefits. Through a modified steam distillation process this producer is able to extract higher than normal levels of terpinen-4-ol.

Thuja (Cedar Leaf, White Cedar)100% Pure...

  • 10 ml     239 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     579 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,589 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          Also known as Cedar leaf, Thuja, White Cedar, Eastern Arborvitae or Swamp Cedar. Cedar Leaf has a complex, sharp, fresh spicey camphorous aroma which blends well with many other aromas. 

          Cedar leaf has been traditionally used to soothe rheumatism, arthritis and congestion. It also has astringent, diuretic, insect repellent, stimulant properties and was commonly used in folk medicine to relieve common cold symptoms. Treats skin diseases such as psoriasis, warts, dermatitis or acne.

Ylang Ylang Complete Essential oil, Madagascar

  •  5 ml      369    Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     629    Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     1,759 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   4,069 Thai Baht

          Ylang Ylang Complete has a rich floral aroma that can be detected in small amounts in a formula making it an excellent value. It has a good shelf life of about 3 years and a lasting fixative quality.

          There are many claims about benefits but is perhaps best known for its relaxing uplifting characteristics and rich floral scent. Its ability to bring peace, confidence and improve mood is perhaps how it got its reputation as an aphrodisiac.