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Mini aroma gift set in lovely bag GF-SMT-18
Aroma Burner or Fondue warmer Set + 4 tea light - BD-FD-W16

MINI Diffuser aromatherapy Ultrasonic-50 ML ( USB) Code : UL-SM-50

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Applicated :  Car, Small work area, Bedroom, Living room.
Looking for a simple way to freshen your home, office or car air. Advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology quietly releases a soothing  the aroma from essential oils .

Simple modern design. Timer allows you to set and choose your length of consistent operation.
LED light provides soft illumination with 2-level and 7 led colors.  The product combines the benefits of aroma-therapy, aqua-therapy and light-therapy.




Capacity: 50ml
Material: PP
Output: DC12V
Power Consumption 12 W
Fog volume: 20-25ml / h

Area: approximately 10 square meters
Certifications : CE, SASO, UL, CB, GS, EMF, RoHS
Attention & Precautions : Make sure the following matters to avoid damage of product :
-       Product use time for 2 hours, Working long 2 hours should be closed after 60 minuets.
-       Do not intentionally hurt, twisted, stretching the electric wires to the power adapter, Do not put wires at high temperature. Do not use heavy pressure wire, also don’t use clip or repair electrical wiring.
-       Do not put the adapter in the water use, Nor will adapters stored in damp places, such as the bathroom, changing room, greenhouse, etc..
-       It’s only applicable to tap water, pure water.
-       Should use the cups of water into the sprayer, Please do not direct water from tap water.
-       Avoid on appliances such as Air condition, FAN, TV, sound box next to the equipment.
-       Should be placed in the plane position, do not put in carpet, cushion, or not smooth
-       When hands wet, don’t touch the product
-       Keep the product and essential oils  away from children or pet
-       The different type of water, humidity, temperature might effect to the mist.
-       Only applicable to 100% pure essential oil, If contain chemical composition, spices or impurities may result in product damage.
-       Before changing the scents of essential oil, please according the maintenance cleaning the tank with soft detergent in warm water.

Maintenance :
-       Every use of 5-6 times or 3-5 days Please check the following method to clear the product.
-       Turn off the power and unplug the power cord, and open the cover.
-       The rest of the water tank water from drainage side poured out completely and make it dry.
-       A small amount of the kitchen detergent in warm water first diluted reoccupy dishcloth this product.
-       If you have dirt found inside of the air supply outlet, please clean up the lid off the container again.
-       Maintenance, do not use medical dilution phenylethyl alcohol, otherwise may damage the product or erase the various logo products.


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