Peppermint “Certified Organic” Essential oil 100%, India

  • 10 ml    289 Thai Baht

  • 30 ml    659 Thai Baht

  • 100 ml  1619 Thai Baht

  •           Certified Organic Peppermint is offered for customers who choose only Certified Organic materials. It has good aroma and menthol content with the classic benefits of peppermint essential oil grown in a Certified Organic environment.

  •           Peppermint is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint. It has a very potent minty aroma, even more powerful than spearmint. In aroma therapy it is commonly used as a pain reliever for minor burns such as sunburn or insect bites. It also is a common ingredient in products used to treat muscle aches to reduce pain and improve blood flow to the affected area. It is stimulating, energizing and improves stamina. It can be diluted and applied as a rub on muscles before a busy day.

  •           Organic Certified Peppermint has a medium sweetness and good menthol content.

  • Peppermint “Certified Organic” 100% Pure Essential oil, India

  • Botanical Name:  Mentha piperita

  • Origin:                  India

  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation

  • Parts used:           Leaves

  • Color: Light Yellow to Yellow with Orange tint

  • Perfumery Note:  Top             

  • Consistency:        Thin

  • Aromatic Description: Minty Sweet Aroma

  • Blends well with: Basil, Benzoin, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cypress, Dill, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Lemon, Geranium Bourbon, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, lavender, Lemon, Lime, Manuka, Marjoram, Niaouli, Pine, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Spearmint, Tea Tree

  • Initial Strength:   Strong

  • Class:           Monoterpenol

  •           Peppermint is one of the most used essential oils for fungal infections. It is also used to control athlete’s foot or in hair treatments for dandruff because it is thought to not only fight infection but stimulate the glands to produce more moisture in cases of dry scalp or skin.

  •           Diluted in small amounts into a natural aloe vera gel, peppermint can be used in local rub to ease pain from minor burns such as sunburn. (Note: burns should be treated first with ice or cold running water to minimize continuing damage. Seek medical advice with large or serious burns).

  •           Some people prefer the aroma of Peppermint in their pest control products. In areas outside the home or living space Peppermint can be a powerful oil to use in pest control products. Peppermint repels ants, aphids, flea beetles, cockroaches, white flies, lice and even mice. (Avoid constant exposure to Peppermint especially around children and pets).

  • Note: Most essential oils cannot be taken internally. But even when they can, Essential oils are highly concentrated and require dilution, special training and caution that Aroma & More does not yet provide. You can never drink any essential oils at 100% strength or diluted in water based liquids.

  • Caution: Not recommended during pregnancy or on children younger than 6. Not recommended for people with epilepsy or prone to cardiac fibrillations. Can irritate the skin if not diluted properly. Essential oils can be harmful if used improperly. Information is provided for educational purposes only. It is up to the customer to determine if the product is right for their intended purpose. Special consideration should be made before applying essential oils to pregnant women, children or the elderly. If under a doctor's care, please consult the physician before using essential oils. If applying to skin essential oils must be diluted correctly and Aroma & More recommends testing on a small area of skin to check for reaction before attempting a full body massage. Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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