Tea Tree Essential Oil- Certified Organic ,...

  •  5 ml      199    Thai Baht
  • 10 ml     339    Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     779    Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,979 Thai Baht

          Tea Tree Essential oil is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy and traditional medicine today. It is produced from the leaves of a small tree that originally grew in low lying wetlands on Australia's east coast. The leaves had been used for unknown ages by the Australian aborigines to treat injury, illness and infection.

          Tea Tree oil has a reputation for being powerful against a broad range of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Aboriginals used to crush the leaves in their hand and inhale the oil to treat colds and headaches. 

Tea Tree “Select” Essential Oil, Australia

  • 10 ml     219    Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     529    Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,229 Thai Baht

          It is one of the best oils for fighting fungal infections such as athlete's foot and nail fungus and thrush. On the skin and hair, Tea Tree regulates oil production, fights acne, and even repels some insects such as lice. Its antiviral activity is used against warts and herpes sores.

          In order to be classified as a “Select” essential oil an oil must be all natural and a truly exceptional quality that is difficult to duplicate. Terpinen-4-ol is the component of Tea tree oil that is credited for most of its anti-infective benefits. Through a modified steam distillation process this producer is able to extract higher than normal levels of terpinen-4-ol.

Cajeput (Cajuput) Essential Oil, Indonesia

  • 10 ml     189 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     409 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   989 Thai Baht

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

          Cajeput essential oil is steam distilled from the freshly cut leaves and twigs of the Melaleuca cajuputi tree native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Cajeput is known by many names such as River Tea Tree, Swamp Tea Tree, White Tea Tree, Paper Bark Tea Tree and White Wood. Today it is commercially produced mainly in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Australia.

          Cajeput shares the same benefits as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree and the aroma is more pleasant than a blend of these two. It’s our opinion that the potential for this oil is not widely recognized but as demand for essential oils increases the demand for Cajeput oil will increase even more rapidly.