Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, Australia

  • 10 ml     229 Thai Baht
  • 30 ml     529 Thai Baht
  • 100 ml   1,429 Thai Baht

          Eucalyptus radiata is similar to Eucalyptus globulus in use. Current stock has higher 1,8 cineole than normally expected from Eucalyptus radiata species and the characteristically strong, fresh, clean scent with a hint of mint.
          Eucalyptus oil is recognized in British Pharmacopeia. It is commonly added to sore muscle ointments to increase circulation. It is used as a decongestant and as an antiseptic in steam baths and in saunas to kill germs and open breathing passages. Eucalyptus is awakening, has an antiviral effect and immune system boosting characteristics.