Apricot Oil - Refined, Italy

  • 100  ml   209 Thai Baht
  • 200  ml   309 Thai Baht
  • 500  ml   559 Thai Baht
  • 1000 ml  889 Thai Baht

           Apricot kernel oil is easily absorbed into the skin and won't leave a greasy feeling afterwards. It is excellent for skin protection, being both an emollient and nourishing oil and is beneficial to relieve itching, eczema, dry, sensitive skin and nourish aging skin. It can be used at 100% strength or with other oils added. This refined Apricot Kernel oil has a light yellow color, a light texture with a faint fruity/vegetable aroma. It is highly regarded for its skin care and healing properties.
          Apricot oil can be used interchangeably with Almond oil for massage. Apricot oil is almost identical in texture and use to sweet almond oil and is a good alternative to sweet almond oil for people with nut allergies. It is rich in vitamin E which gives it a longer shelf life than the many other carrier oils.


Apricot Kernel – Refined, Italy

Botanical Name: Prunus Armeniaca

Origin:        Italy
Method of Extraction: Expeller Pressed
Parts used: Kernels
Color: Clear with a Yellow Tinge
Absorption: Medium
Aromatic Description: Faint Peach Sweet
Aroma Strength:  Low
Notable Components:
Oleic acid 58% - 72%
Linoleic Acid 22% - 32%
Vitamin A
Vitamin E

Caution: Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) however, Aroma & More recommends testing on a small area of skin to check for reaction before using on larger areas.


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