Rose Hip Oil, Virgin - Certified Organic, Chile


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          Rose hip oil is produced almost exclusively in Chile. It is sometimes call “Rosa Mosqueta” which is its Spanish name, not the INCI name or botanic species. It is extracted from the seeds of the rose hip bush which mainly grows wild high in the mountains of the southern Andes of Chile.
          Rose Hip is one of the most beneficial for therapeutic purposes. Beside the benefits of the oil, it is deep penetrating and one of the fastest absorbing oils making it an excellent mechanism to carry therapeutic formulas deep into the body quickly. It is one of the best choices for cosmetic applications and regenerative skin care.
          Rose hip contains retinoic acid necessary to mediate the function of Vitamin A in the skin. It assists in collagen and elastin production to repair skin tissue and fill fine lines and wrinkles. It also has antiseptic and astringent qualities that make it useful for healing burns, boils and acne. It is found to be very beneficial in recovery from burns, treating scar tissue and conditioning mature skin.


Rose Hip Oil, Virgin - Certified Organic, Chile

Botanical Name:  Rosa rubiginosa

Origin:                  Chile
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Parts used:           Seeds
Color:          Orange to Deep Red
Aromatic Description: Nutty aroma
Aroma Strength: Medium
Skin type:             All skin types
Notable Components:
Linoleic acid            43% - 46%
Linolenic acid          31% - 34%
Oleic acid               14% - 16%
Palmitic acid            3.5% - 4.5%
Stearic acid             1.5% - 2.5%
Arachidic acid          less than 1%
Eicosenoic acid        less than 0.5%
Behenic acid            less than 0.5%
Myristic acid            less than 0.5%
Gadoleic acid           less than 0.5%
Palmitoleic acid        less than 0.5%
Retinoic acid            N/A
Beta Carotene
Vitamins A, D, E, High Vitamin C

          Rose hip is high in essential fatty acids and useful for a variety of skin conditions and as an addition to cosmetic formulas. it has the ability to lighten skin pigmentation, useful to reduce the visibility of dark spots, scars and stretch marks.
          Rose hip helps to strengthen nails.
          Rose Hip oil has a relatively short shelf life of about 18 months at room temperature. To extend shelf life, refrigeration is beneficial and/or vitamin E capsules can be drained and blended into the oil. Nothing is added to this oil including vitamin E.

Caution: Allergic reaction is possible. Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) for external use however, Aroma & More recommends testing on a small area of skin to check for reaction before using on larger areas.


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